Beautiful house to rent in Huatulco on the unspoilt Oaxaca coast of Mexico


It’s impossible to come and visit the coast of Oaxaca without appreciating the astounding natural beauty of the area. The coast itself is almost south facing and bathed by the warm waters of the Pacific, home to whales and dolphins. The rather large waves crash in on the 100 km or more of coastline that stretches between the towns of Puerto Escondido at the westerly end to Huatulco in the east. A few villages are dotted along this stretch, all of them fairly low key maintaining much of the original palm frond roof (palapa) style of construction.

Huatulco is at the foothills of the huge mountain range Sierra Madre del Sur which rises up behind the town for many, many miles. It is largely forested and the natural habitat of a huge ranges of animals and trees. To the west of the town is the Huatulco National Park, home to 264 species of animal, 701 species of bird and 470 species of reptile. The range of butterflies is incredible.

As Casa Tulco backs on the nature reserve behind, one feels an intimate connection with nature here. The area is immensely popular with bird watchers (birders) and butterfly watchers alike. Hummingbirds, pelicans and all sorts of birds of prey are a specialty of the region. A number of excellent tours are available: check out our
Guided Tours page for more information.