Beautiful house to rent in Huatulco on the unspoilt Oaxaca coast of Mexico


Huatulco isn’t so much a town as a number of areas close to the coast. Crucecita, some 10 minutes from the beach, could be regarded as the main area. A small grid of streets, some four of five across and eight deep, it has at its center the main square where activities take place surrounded by a number of restaurants and bars. The small streets on either side are home to shops selling everything under the sun and are definitely worth exploring.


Santa Cruz is another enclave spread around its own little bay. Various restaurants face onto the sea here with shops and accommodation behind. In the high season, you’ll see all the hussle and bussle of beach life in Santa Cruz and all the amenities you’d wish for from a tiny beach resort.

In the last couple of years, Huatulco has seen the arrival of two supermarkets, both on the Boulevard Chahue, as well as a small cinema.