Beautiful house to rent in Huatulco on the unspoilt Oaxaca coast of Mexico


An Incredible Place for Birdwatching

The major attraction of Huatulco and its surrounds is the abundance of nature and one of the highlights of this is the huge range of birds and butterflies that inhabit the area. Oaxaca claims to have more than 700 species of bird and over 1000 species of butterfly and many of these can be seen locally.



Backing on to the Reserve

Casa Tulco is fortunate enough to back on to the Reserve so just sitting by the pool you’ll be able to observe a fantastic range of birds, right from the charming crested white-throated magpie jays, chachalacas, the cheeky great kiskadees, various types of oreoles and woodpeckers and the bright red cardinals. And all that before we start on the endless types of humming birds, the ever present eagles overhead and the dawn and dusk invasions of hundreds of parakeets.



Organized Excursions

For those wanting to go on organized birding excursions we can highly recommend the services of our local specialist ornithologist, Cornelio, who offers various options ranging from 2 hour to 10 hour English speaking tours.

Cornelio on Facebook

If you’re thinking of using his services, or have someone else in mind, let us know and we’ll be happy to organize this for you before you come.