Beautiful house to rent in Huatulco on the unspoilt Oaxaca coast of Mexico

Beaches & Coast

Huatulco is known as the town of the 9 bays although in face this stretch of coast has a total of 36 beaches ranging from tiny coves where you can easily spend the day alone to larger ones with beach restaurants and cafes. All of them are worth exploring and everyone is bound to choose their ideal spot. The warm Pacific Ocean that washes these shores can bring in some pretty high waves – in case you enjoy these! – but some of the bays are more protected and are suited for a gentle swim.


This part of the coast is well known for the many dolphins and whales that live just a short distance off shore. We would definitely recommend taking a boat trip out to watch these. You can either go in an organised trip on a small launch or organize your own private trip at a fairly modest price. If you fancy an entirely private barbecue, you can even organize a trip to one of the beaches that back onto the National Park with fresh fish included.


More than 100 km of coastline that stretches between the towns of Puerto Escondido at the westerly end of Oaxaca to Huatulco in the east. There are only a few villages dotted along this stretch, all of them fairly low key maintaining much of the original palm frond roof (palapa) style of construction.